À la carte



Organic goat cheese

CZK 360
red and yellow beet, raspberry coulis

Lamb’s lettuce

CZK 360
organic egg, herb crisps, honey vinaigrette, radish, cress

Lightly smoked, graved salmon trout

CZK 390
dill coulis, cucumber water

Beef tartare

CZK 390
bone marrow, dijon mayonnaise, horseradish, celery, toast

Foie gras terrine

CZK 390
smoked duck breast, sour cherries

Roasted veal liver

CZK 390
shallots, demi-glace, raisin and hazelnut bread, plum


Green pea soup

CZK 290
puff pastry, smoked bacon

Crayfish broth

CZK 290
garden vegetables

Main dishes

Farm-raised chicken

CZK 560
polenta, young spinach, corn coulis, jus

“Crépinette” rolled rabbit loin

CZK 560
confit, kale, smoked potato mash

Honey glazed organic pork chop

CZK 560
beluga lentils, paprika coulis

Pan-seared catfish

CZK 640
herb crust, roasted young garden vegetables

Pan-seared duck breast

CZK 640
semolina gnocchi, cabbage, beet, onion compote, jus

Grilled beef fillet

CZK 640
truffle infused-garden vegetable mash, jus

Roasted, mint-crusted lamb loin

CZK 640
green peas, spring potatoes

Organic cream cheese tortellini

CZK 390
white wine poached pear, red beet coulis, parmesan crisp


Assortment of organic cheeses

CZK 360
shallot confit, seasonal compote, nuts


CZK 300
Rich almond-infused chocolate bar

Light Bohemian cottage cheese mousse

CZK 300
green apple coulis, sorbet

Blackcurrant semi freddo

CZK 300
rhubarb, pistachio crisp

Pavlova meringue

CZK 300
whipped organic cream cheese, strawberries
A la Carte Menu is designated for reservations up to 10 persons. In case of reservation for more persons we will be pleased to send you group menu offer. Please contact Linda Bittnerová - food@icprague.com,
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